Mik + One Podcast – BMK’s Interview

We all learn from various sources – people, books, experiences, videos & podcasts. I have learnt a lot from Dr Mik’s podcast, and he has interviewed some of my DevOps heroes here Mik+One podcast.

I am delighted to share my episode on Dr Mi Kersten’s Project to Product podcast. In this interview, I had the privilege to join Paul Littlefair, CTO Bank of New Zealand, and share our experiences & insights on Value Stream, Flow Framework & Flow Metrics.

It’s a great discussion about how BNZ’s transformation journey started, the importance of rewarding improvement instead of output, getting leadership buy-in, and how reporting the developer experience at the board level is crucial to enabling flow.

Let me know what you have learned, what stood out for you, and your feedback. I am looking forward to connecting with you and learning more.

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